4 HVAC Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Apr 19, 2022

If your home’s air conditioning system isn’t working the way it should, don’t panic! There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue before calling in a professional for HVAC repair.

In this blog post, we’ll give you four tips that every homeowner should know when it comes to HVAC troubleshooting. Keep reading for more information!

Check the thermostat to make sure it’s set to the correct temperature

One of the most common HVAC troubleshooting tips is to check your thermostat temperature settings. If your thermostat is set too low, your system will run longer than necessary and use more energy than necessary.

If your thermostat is set too high, your system will turn on and off too frequently and may not operate properly. Check your thermostat settings and make sure they are set correctly for the season. You may also want to consider a programmable thermostat to save energy and money.

Change your air filter every month for optimal performance

Change your air filter every month for optimal performance of your HVAC system. A clogged air filter can restrict airflow and cause your system to work harder, which can lead to costly repairs. Check and change your filters monthly to avoid these issues.

In addition to changing your air filter every month, it’s also important to have your HVAC system serviced regularly. This will help ensure that it’s operating at peak efficiency and can help prevent potential problems from arising. Be sure to schedule service with a qualified technician at least once per year.

Inspect the ducts for leaks and repair them as necessary

If your heating and cooling system isn’t working as efficiently as it should, one potential problem could be leaks in your ductwork. Over time, these leaks can cause considerable air loss, making your HVAC system work harder to maintain the desired temperature in your home. Inspect your ductwork regularly for any signs of leaks and repair them promptly to help improve the efficiency of your system.

To repair a leak in your ductwork, you’ll first need to identify the source of the leak. Start by inspecting all the seams and connections in your ductwork for any gaps or holes. Once you’ve located the source of the leak, use a piece of tape or a sealant to seal it up. This will help prevent air from escaping through the hole and will also improve the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Make sure all vents are open and unobstructed

If you have air vents in each room, check to see if they are all fully open. Many times, people will close vents in unused rooms to save energy, but this can make your system work harder and may cause it to break down prematurely. Also, be sure that there are no pieces of furniture or other objects blocking the vents. In some cases, you may need to move things around to get better airflow.

If your home isn’t cooling evenly, make sure that the air flow from your HVAC unit isn’t being blocked by furniture or curtains. Additionally, if you have a central air unit, check to see if any of your registers are closed. You should also clean any debris out of your unit’s air filter.

Call a professional if you’re unable to troubleshoot the problem yourself

If your HVAC system is still not working properly after trying these tips, it may be time to call in a professional for your air conditioning repair.

A qualified technician will be able to diagnose and fix any underlying issues with your system. Contact Elmers Home Services in San Antonio TX for quality HVAC service!

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