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At Elmer’s, our HVAC service professionals are trained and licensed to help maintain gas furnaces, electric heaters, and heat pump systems throughout the San Antonio area. We provide maintenance for commercial heating equipment as well. When you need water heater maintenance in Schertz, TX, you can count on us to address your needs and ensure your equipment is efficient, reliable, and safe while avoiding more expensive repairs and breakdowns. Our team is also relied upon for air conditioning, air quality, and plumbing services across the area.

Why You Need Heater Maintenance

Heater maintenance is so important in your home or business for:

  • Reliability: An annual tune-up ensures a heater keeps your family or staff members comfortable, and it reduces the risk for major repair issues and expenses.
  • Efficiency: A dirty filter or strained components make your furnace less efficient and increase energy costs; maintenance can reduce cost of operation significantly. 
  • Affordability: Maintaining your heater can lower energy bills because it doesn’t work as hard or use as much energy to achieve the same comfort level.
  • Longevity: Having your equipment checked seasonally allows its inner workings to be inspected, cleaned, and maintained, often prolonging its service life.
  • Air Quality: Dirt, dust, and allergens in your heater can circulate throughout your home; maintenance allows us to clean the system, so your indoor air is cleaner with less risk to your family’s health.

We specialize in maintaining:


Gas Furnaces

Heat Pump systems

Electric Heaters

Commercial Heating Equipment

Free Service Call with Repair

Free Estimates and Free Second Opinions

Free Estimates

A free consultation and estimate are provided with each service call. You can therefore plan ahead and know exactly what to expect; we’re committed to excellent customer service and ensuring there are no surprises.

Free Service Call with Repair

We never charge more than necessary. Your initial service call is on us as we determine exactly what kind of repair your heater requires. Our technicians are punctual, fast, and friendly so you can be confident they’ll restore your heating system while keeping your home clean.

Elmer’s Expert Heater Maintenance

Our team is trained and equipped to service many types of heating equipment, so we can address a range of needs. We are here to help maintain: 

  • Gas Furnaces: Have unique maintenance needs as a gas leak can create a dangerous and fatal situation. We’ll test your furnace to make sure it’s safe, clean and replace the filter, and clean the blower assembly. The ignition system, pilot light, thermostat, vents, and fan will be checked as well.
  • Heat Pump Systems: A heat pump should be serviced at least once a year. Maintenance involves inspecting the indoor coil, filters, and ducts for dirt, leaks, or damage as well as flushing and cleaning the drain line. A series of tests will be performed to diagnose and correct issues with pressure, temperature, and mechanical operation.
  • Electric Heaters: Electrical heating elements and connections require routine care to ensure they are in peak condition. High current and heat can contribute to wear and tear, so regular maintenance is important for preventing heater damage, shocks, and fires.
  • Commercial Heating Equipment: Commercial systems are larger and experience higher demand, so require maintenance in the spring and fall. A comprehensive inspection should be done prior to the heating season to prevent breakdowns. During maintenance, we’ll check all outdoor and indoor components and verify the performance of your system.

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Whether you need heating system maintenance, heater installation, or water heater repair in Schertz, TX, or elsewhere in the San Antonio area, you can rely on our licensed plumbing technicians. Our team is punctual and reliable while being committed to getting it done “The Elmer Way”. Call 210-570-1717 or request service online to schedule service.

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The go to AC and plumbing service provider in the San Antonio area, we are proud to help Boerne customers with all their HVAC and plumbing needs. From plumbing maintenance to AC replacement, you can expect fast, high-quality service at affordable prices. We are also committed to improving your water and air quality. The Elmer’s Flex AC system and other solutions to support comfort, efficiency, and home automation are available as well.