Hard water fading fashion

Oct 15, 2020

Fashion! High fashion, boho, classic, casual, GQ. We all have our set style. That one thing about us that makes us. It’s everyone’s favorite topic right?! Well it’s mine. But you know what really grinds my gears? Buying an amazing new pair of jeans that fit just right and washing them and seeing them dim over time. It’s like losing a best friend, its tragic. Thanks hard water,

Your precious clothes are stretched and dingy, your sheets feel like you’re sleeping on a bed of straw, and your towels feels like sandpaper on your skin. Or you end up seeing that weird powdery residue left on the clothes from the detergent you use. Soap and detergent just don’t work as well in hard water. Those dissolved minerals completely change the effectiveness of many cleaning products.

As a result, soap scum gets left behind. The same gross chalky film on your faucets of your sink and shower door and walls also gets on your clothes. The results are clothes that don’t feel completely clean after they come out of your dryer. The residue on your clothes also attracts and hold more dirt as you wear them making them harder to clean.


  • Dinginess, graying, or yellowing of fabrics.
  • Soil build-up on clothes that doesn’t wash away.
  • Stiff, harsh to the touch fabrics.
  • A weakening of fibers causing tears.
  • White or gray streaks on colored fabrics.

In hard water, the Calcium and magnesium deposits when mixed with most of the ingredients in any powdered laundry detergent become attached to the minerals in the water rather than cleaning the clothes. This means that up to 30% more of the detergent must be used and at a higher temperature than you’ll normally use  to get even somewhat satisfactory cleaning results. Having to use more detergent, or wash clothes more than once to get a great clean. You waste water, increasing your water bill and causing you to buy way more detergent. Plus having to use higher water temperatures can damage those beautiful clothes and costs more money in energy bills.


Washing clothes in hard water may lead to irritated skin – did you read the last article? If you didn’t, here’s a little insight; if you already have sensitive skin or dermatological conditions like eczema, washing your clothes in hard water increases your chances for breakouts and reactions because of all that film and chemical left behind.

Carrying around all that nasty residue of your detergent on your clothes and oh my gosh your bed-sheets! You know; that moment when you lie down after a long day of work and snuggle into your bed under the covers and suddenly it feels like you are being attacked by sand.


If buying a water Softener isn’t an option right now one thing, in my research seems to be the best option. You can add about a 1/2 cup laundry of borax to each load of laundry you do. Borax, is this powder that is sold in the detergent aisle that isn’t just for your kids slime science project. It provides some water softening by making a more soluble calcium complex and boosts the performance of your detergent.

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