Hard Water Hell On Hair

Oct 15, 2020

Hard Water is a Common Source of “Bad Hair Days”

Ladies, we all want to love our hair don’t we? Our hair is a statement that we all make once we enter a room. A fun, flirty, or funky color tells the world we are ready to play the game and ready to win.. And the style we choose sets the tone from professional to personal to provocative. I myself prefer the professionally provocative look!

Long, short, or shaved your hair communicates part of who we are and highlights our personalities. But far too often we fight with our hair; we struggle with dullness, lifelessness and fading. And to fight these problems, we spend thousands going to salons, or on organic shampoos, trying to fix the damage while nearly always ignoring a more devious culprit. Your water… Insert suspense music here!

Picture this. You’re fresh from the shower, but hair seems to be dull, dry and overly frizzy, and it’s finally the night of that big date with the bartender at your favorite place.

You know, the one that finally asked you out after weeks of ordering whiskey sours that you hate?

Or Maybe you just bought that bottle of $100 organic shampoo and conditioner that stopped working three weeks ago. And now you have a draft of an angry letter that you are waiting to send.

Stop right now. Erase that angry letter to the company and throw on a hipster beanie to match the bartenders. And read this article while you’re riding in your Uber. The main culprit could in fact be the hard water that those beautiful tresses are being washed in.

Over time, The water blasting out of your showerhead makes those bad hair days pop-up more and more often. Modern shampoos and conditioners are comprised of ever more chemicals designed to combat the effects of hard water and residue build up on your scalp.



So what is this mysterious culprit killing our precious hair follicles one wash at a time? Let’s look at some quick, hard facts (pun intended)

  • Hard water is water that contains excessively high amounts of magnesium and calcium deposits.
  • These magnesium and calcium deposits build up and come out through your shower head and cling to your hair and skin.
  • The minerals absorb moisture. Over time, your hair can become extremely thin, rough and more prone to breakage and falling out as the hard water strips and absorbs essential nutrients from your hair.
  • You may notice that your scalp is often dry, flaky and itchy if you live in a hard water area.
  • If you have to use more than just a dime sized amount of shampoo or body wash, your water is probably hard.
  • You’re not alone, 85% of US households are living with hard water.

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