How to Make a Plumbing Pipe Repair

Sep 27, 2021

Believe it or not, many plumbing pipe repairs are not that difficult to execute. With the right tools and supplies, you can often fix a leaky kitchen or bathroom pipe in a couple of hours. Here is Elmer’s Expert ‘Guide to plumbing pipe repair that includes the types of fittings to use and the procedure for completing a successful repair.

How to Make a Plumbing Pipe Repair

Plumbing Pipe Repair Guide

Types of Fittings You’ll Need

The right fittings can make plumbing pipe repair much easier. These include:

  • Brass Push-to-Connect Fittings: Can be connected in seconds to connect a pipe at an angle, replace a valve, or cap a line.
  • Transition Fittings: No special tools are needed to fix pinhole leaks in copper pipe or replace a damaged CPVC, PEX, or polybutylene pipe.
  • Copper/CPVC Slip Repair Fittings: Replaces up to two inches of pipe and is easily inserted after the damaged section is removed and edges deburr and cleaned.

Ball valves are also important components. Those with push-to-connect ends let you restore water flow and control with several different types of pipe materials. No special tools are needed.

How to Fix a Leaky Pipe

  1. Find the Leak: Identify the problem and its source. Galvanized pipe is usually silver, while white PVC is typically used for cold water, drain, and vent. Yellower CPVC can be used for hot and cold water. PEX piping is usually red for hot water and blue for cold water.
  2. Repairing a Connection: Use a fiberglass wrap or patch, mix with water, and wrap the area that’s leaking. The material will form a hard, cast-like material.
  3. Epoxy Putty: Knead the two parts together to activate the putty. Make sure the pipe surface is dry and apply the putty over and round the leak; then leave it to cure.
  4. Apply Self-Fusing Silicone Tape: Bonds to itself when you wrap it around the pipe. It can be stretched for a tighter fit; overlap the tape as you go and continue beyond the leak.

Fixing a Pipe Mid-Run

If there’s a rupture in the middle of the pipe, repair clamps can be used.

  • Find a clamp suited for the pipe size.
  • Fit a rubber gasket against the leak.
  • Fit the clamp in place around the pipe.
  • Tighten the clamp by securing the screws.

Another method is to cut out damaged section with a pipe cutter or hacksaw and insert a pipe coupling. The coupling will slip in on each side. Then turn the ends to tighten and seal. Push fittings can be used as well. Remove the damaged pipe section and deburr the ends, then slip on the coupling and use the tool supplied by the manufacturer to create a secure connection.

Tips for a Plumbing Pipe Repair

  • Verify the Pipe Is Sealed: Turn on the water supply, run water into the drain, and check for moisture around the seal/patch.
  • Know DIY Repairs Are Temporary: These methods are not permanent fixes. To fully restore pipe integrity, you’ll need a professional plumber; the weakness is still there.
  • Follow All Instructions: The label of any pipe repair product has specific guidelines on the type and brand of item you’re using.
  • Safety/Compatibility: Check for any notes whether the product is safe to use with drinking water, and if it’s compatible with existing pipe material.
  • Never Use a DIY Product for Repairing Gas Pipe: Contact the gas company or gas line repair professional right away to avoid a dangerous situation.

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