HVAC Systems – The Key To Maximizing House Flipping Profits

Jun 21, 2022

House flipping has become a popular investment for young professionals and seasoned buyers, especially those looking to use renters’ fees towards their mortgage payments. Between today’s market and the ease of buying a property that becomes a money pit, it’s important to be strategic about your budget to get the most out of a flip.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the value of HVAC system changes and how they can make or break the longevity of a project and the surrounding property value.

Choose Your Investments Wisely

Dealing with today’s supply chain issues poses a new challenge to flippers who might be trying to hire professionals who work with a broader range of skills. Between labor shortages and inconsistent supplies, it’s important to manage both your investment and renovation timelines as realistically as possible. If your region experiences a diverse climate, you’ll want to prioritize projects within the home to avoid multi-month seasonal pauses. It’s important to be proactive about planning during busy contracting seasons and remain flexible to market conditions as well.

When preparing your finances for property investment, consider learning how home equity loans work or look towards other funding options such as personal loans, or the utilization of profits from current tenants and/or past flips. Each of these have their own advantages and drawbacks so be sure to investigate things such as tax-deductibility, interest rates, and if you’ll have enough available money remaining for any major emergencies.

Take Care of Necessary Inspections and Cleaning

High-quality house flips need efficient home HVAC systems, and securing that network of internal functions will require some attention to detail. Ducts, heaters, and A/C units will need to be cleaned and air filters will need replacing before and after a renovation. It’s important that heating and A/C are turned off during any remodeling as this could affect the air quality in the space once all visible dust is settled and cleaned.

Consider having your HVAC system inspected to avoid leak damage and any long-term repair costs. Between this and the efficiency benefits of clean units, you’ll be saving quite a bit in the long run.

As an added bonus, this inspection period is also a great time to consider smart-home upgrades that can pair with your HVAC digitally, raising the value of the property and expanding its accessibility.

Start with HVAC Improvements

If you’re looking to buy a property as a flip, chances are the home has seen enough disarray that it needs to be gutted. Once foundations are inspected and laid, the necessary HVAC repairs or replacements can be made while accommodating the home’s new scheme.

This also means that the system will be functional as soon as the necessary work is completed, allowing for heat or A/C to accommodate final cleaning and staging for sale. Not only does the general timeline of access work logically, but you’ll be able to practice what you preach when showing prospective tenants or buyers the air conditioned or comfortably heated environment you’ve created. You’ll create upfront value when selling and hopefully bring in several offers.

Need Help?

If you’re not sure where to start with your house flip HVAC system, don’t hesitate to call a professional.

Elmer’s Home Services in San Antonio TX can help you assess the situation and make the best decision for your needs. We have experienced AC technicians and quality service, so you can get the solution your need to maximize your profits.

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