Replacing Old Plumbing? Find the True Cost to Plumb Your House

Jun 18, 2021

The cost of plumbing a house can vary greatly depending on the pipes you use. These pipes, located behind walls, above ceilings, and concealed by concrete, home won’t last forever. Corrosion, rust, and decay eventually take a toll on all types of plumbing pipes. Despite being unseen, your plumbing can be a disaster waiting to happen. One burst pipe or flood can cause thousands of dollars in damage in no time. If your plumbing hasn’t been replaced in decades, it may be time to reinvest in it.


Before you commit to your new house plumbing, take into consideration these numbers. The lifespan of your pipes depends on what they’re made of. Depending on the materials:
  • Copper piping can last 50+ years
  • Cast Iron piping maintains its integrity for 75-100 years.
  • Brass pipes have a 40-to-45-year lifespan
  • Galvanized steel pipes can wear out in as little as 20 years.
  • PVC piping can hold back rust or corrosion indefinitely, but typically maintains its integrity for up to 40 years.


Plumbing Replacement Costs


According to HomeAdvisor, re-piping your entire home in 2021 can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000. In addition to the cost of materials, re-piping requires cutting through walls and floors. Before you plumb youou therefore want to be aware of the signs of plumbing failure, such as low water pressure, wet baseboards, dampness behind sinks or dishwashers, rust colored tubing, mold near pipes and enclosed spaces, and gurgling or rattling sounds from pipes.


A further breakdown of costs is as follows:


  • Fixtures: $600 to $1,600 each with water pipe installation considered per fixture. Prices are dependent on whether the plumber supplies the fixture and material; PEX or CPVP pipe cost less than standard copper.


  • Square Footage: For a large plumbing project, a contractor will charge about $4.50 per square foot on average.


  • Replacing Exposed Plumbing: Costs between $2,000 and $6,000 to replace in a 1,500 square foot home with two bathrooms. However, you could save on materials and labor costs as it’s more straightforward to access pipes.2


  • Re-piping: Replacing the piping throughout your house with PEX, CPVC, or copper piping averages about $7,500, mostly for labor. If you’re renovating and have already removed drywall, the actual plumbing cost will be much lower.


  • Full Copper Re-piping: Given the $2 to $5 per foot average cost of copper pipe, a full re-piping of your home can cost anywhere from $5,000 to up to $20,000. However, its longevity is a good reason to consider copper.


  • Replacing Polybutylene/Lead: These materials must be replaced, as polybutylene is fragile and lead is toxic. Depending on your home, replacing it can cost $2,500 to $15,000.


  • Water Main Replacement: Replacing the main pipe from the water meter to your home costs from $800 to $4,800, while you could pay from $2,300 to $6,500 to run a new water main and connection for a new home.


  • Pipe Removal: Demolition can add considerable costs to the project, and includes removing parts of walls, floors, and ceilings. Expect to pay $300 to $1,000 to repair a ceiling and $1,400 or more to repair drywall.


HomeAdvisor also breaks down costs by appliance and room. You could pay up to $4,000 to replumb a full bathroom and $3,200 for a kitchen. A water heater can cost $1,600 with installation and plumbing work, while a tankless water heater can mean up to $3,200 in plumbing costs. Plumbing for a washer can run up to $1,600 and stoves, furnaces, and other gas appliances can cost you up to $4,800 on average.


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