Bathroom Plumbing in San Antonio, TX

A Home’s kitchen is much more than an area for food preparation. It’s the activity hub for the whole family. From homework at the kitchen table to cocktails around the island, a kitchen is a place to gather and be together. The kitchen is also a hub for plumbing activity. Sinks, drains, water filters and appliances all play their part in a functioning kitchen. Leaking pipes, clogged drains and cold water from a faulty water heater can inconvenience your everyday activities. Elmer’s Air Conditioning and Plumbing is the team to call for fast kitchen plumbing San Antonio.
Many people don’t realize the number of appliances that depend on well-maintained plumbing to operate. Elmer’s Air Conditioning and Plumbing doesn’t stop at pipes when it come to plumbing in San Antonio.

Hair and Soap scum are just some of the ways you can experience a clogged drain in the bathroom. Flushed toys and wipes are a couple of other ways. Whether you’re experiencing a clogged drain in the bathroom sink, toilet or bathtub, call in the plumbers in pink to get a look at the issue.

Notice your water bill going up for reasons you can’t figure out? You may be experiencing a slab leak. Early detection and repair of slab leaks are crucial for the protection of your property.

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The go to AC and plumbing service provider in the San Antonio area, we are proud to help Boerne customers with all their HVAC and plumbing needs. From plumbing maintenance to AC replacement, you can expect fast, high-quality service at affordable prices. We are also committed to improving your water and air quality. The Elmer’s Flex AC system and other solutions to support comfort, efficiency, and home automation are available as well.

Bathroom Plumbing Repair Services

We can help on all of these bathroom plumbing problems:




Broken Water Heaters

Slab Leaks

Clogged Drains

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When you need toilet repairs, you need them fast. Elmer’s Air Conditioning and Plumbing is dedicated to getting there quick. We promise to get to you as soon as possible and never leave you hanging. For all of your bathroom plumbing repairs, call Elmer’s Air Conditioning and Plumbing Co. Check out our coupons and contact us to learn about financing options!