Camera Line Inspection

“Elmer Cam” – Drain Camera

The Elmer Cam drain camera has become one of our favorite toys. Why? Because we can get a look into areas of your pipe we otherwise would not be able to, which means less guessing and a better response to your sewer line cleaning and clogged drain issues.

When Should I Use A Drain Camera?

If you have a slow drain or a clog, this is the perfect time to consider a drain camera. Our customers also use the Elmer Cam for inspections, to find lost items and even to rescue pets! So whether you have an obstruction or grease buildup or are experiencing breaking or leaking pipes, we can put the Elmer Cam to work to fix your plumbing quicker and more effectively.

Why Use A Drain Camera?

Camera inspections are the best way to catch major plumbing issues early and help avoid expensive repairs! Using a drain camera enables our technicians to quickly and effectively treat whatever is blocking or damaging your drain. These savings get passed onto you, as we find the issue quicker and can narrow the scope of our repairs. Drain cameras have become an essential tool for our industry, and we want to share this state-of-the-art tool with you!

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