Slab Leak Repair in San Antonio, TX

Slab Leak Repair San Antonio

Sometimes plumbing damage isn’t as obvious as a clogged sink or a leaking faucet. Unfortunately, hidden problems can cause a large amount of damage. This is the case with slab leaks. Unless you subscribe to a plumbing magazine or renovate homes, chances are that you’ve never even heard of a slab leaks or even slab leak repair San Antonio.

A Slab Leak is when one of the water lines running beneath the concrete slab in your home develops a leak. The most common symptom is the sound of running water when there shouldn’t be any. Another is inexplicably high water bills. You might be wondering, “A leak outside of my home? What’s the big deal?” Great question! Slab leaks need to be taken care of as soon as possible due to the power of water. Water from a slab leak can crack and shift your home’s foundation. It can penetrate your floors and walls, leading to dangerous mold levels.

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Interior and Exterior Slab Leak Repair and Detection

If you’re lucky and the leak doesn’t affect the inside of your home, your landscaping is still at risk. If your home sits at the top of an incline, soil will erode leaving grass and plants to die. If your home sits at the bottom of an incline, flooding can occur.

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