Water Softeners in San Antonio, TX

Most plumbing repairs are caused by hard water, including 86% of all water heater failures. Dishwashers, washing machines, tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, and pipes are other places where hard water attacks. By addressing the problem of hard water, you can enjoy cleaner dishes, fewer appliance repairs, longer-lasting clothes, stain-free tubs and showers, and increased water efficiency.

Hard Water in San Antonio

San Antonio is home to some of the hardest water in the country. Measured by grains per gallon (gpg), water hardness in the United States ranges from less than 3 to more than 14 gpg. San Antonio water on average has 15 to 20 gpg. According to the Water Quality Association, appliances began to wear out due to hard water beginning at the 7 gpg level.

Our Water Softener System

Cut your home operating cost by investing in a water softener. Simple and easy to use, we install trusted products that will give you long-lasting, trouble-free soft water. With various models available, we are able to match you up with the best model for your home.

Where Water Attacks Your Home

  • 24/7 Emergency Water Heater Repair– We service all makes and models of gas, electric, tankless water heaters, and heat pump water heaters with free estimates and $29 service calls.
  • Dishwasher – Excess wear, spotty dishes.
  • Laundry – Higher repair cost
  • Clothes – Harder to clean, faster wear, staining
  • Tub & Shower – Soap scum build-up
  • Sinks & Toilets – Water spots and stains
  • Pipes – Clogging, inefficient flow, erosion
  • Water Heater – Lower efficiency
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